Presbyterian Youth TRIENNIUM


Triennium is set for July 16-20, 2019.  A delegation will be forming soon to represent Murfreesboro Presbytery.  BJ Mathis is Murfreesboro Presbytery’s Registrar and will be working on getting our youth and adults registered for this event.

Triennium, for those who may be new, is a gathering of 5,000+ youth and adults from Presbyterian churches all over the U.S. and world.  Youth participants must be currently in grades 8-12.  Triennium runs July 16 (Tuesday) through June 20 (Sunday). Transporation will be covered & coordinated through our presbytery.

Please feel free to contact me (BJ Mathis if you have ANY questions!



Winchester CPC Director of Youth
Murfreesboro Presbytery Youth Director

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