2023 Camp Dates


June 4-9 Tennessee Synodic SR High Camp
June 11-16 Murfreesboro/Columbia JR High Camp
June 25-30 Murfreesboro/Columbia Junior Camp
 July 2-7 Nashville Presbytery Junior Camp
 July 9-14 Nashville Presbytery Middle School Camp
 August 5  Murfreesboro Presbytery Day Camp


TN Synodic Senior High Camp 

Rev. Caleb Norris caleb@cookevillecpchurch.org

(Cookeville CPC, Murfreesboro Presbytery)

Rev. Ean Taylor brenthavenyouth@gmail.com

(Brenthaven CPC, Nashville Presbytery)

Murfreesboro/Columbia Presbytery Junior High Camp 

Murfreesboro Presbytery: Rev. Richard Morgan icthuse3@gmail.com

(Goshen CPC)

Murfreesboro/Columbia Presbytery Junior Camp 

Murfreesboro Presbytery: Steve Cagley mrstevecagley@yahoo.com

(Winchester CPC)

Murfreesboro Presbytery: Debbie Shelton dshelton@bushins.com

(Manchester CPC)

Nashville Middle School Camp 

Mark Rolman mdrolman@gmail.com (Dickson CPC)

Nashville Junior Camp

Paula Winn paulakay10@yahoo.com

Murfreesboro Presbytery Day Camp 

Director: Debbie Shelton dshelton@bushins.com

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