The Vespers area at Crystal Springs Camp (Nov 2012) 

Each year the TN Synod Senior High Camp tries to adopt a project to focus on as a service to the camp.  This year we have decided to give attention to the Vespers area. We are hoping to accomplish several things in trying to make the space more attractive and functional for campers to enjoy once again!  A few of those goals are listed below.


(1) Add creek gravel to the sitting area (Sr High Camp Project)

(2) Repair, secure and treat wooden benches (Done! – Thanks Harmony CPC Youth) 

(3) Clear away brush & landscape (Sr High Camp Project)  

(4) Add some flowers to provide some color and beauty to the area (Sr High Camp)

(5) Add solar lights along the pathway leading up to the area (Future project) 

(6) Add an electrical outlet (Future project)  

(7) Plant some trees in the area (Future project)

We will need YOUR HELP to bring thise area back to life and give it the attention it much deserves.  If you would consider lending your support in whatever way please contact BJ Mathis @ (931) 409-0008 or  Synodic Senior High Camp is June 2-7, 2013 and we are hoping to have everything in place to accomplish the  GOALS above during that week.

Some recent shots from the work done by the Harmony CPC Youth Group!  

May 2013 025Vespers FCA 007May 2013 026May 2013 027Vespers FCA 009May 2013 028Vespers FCA 006Vespers FCA 008May 2013 029

After Synodic Senior High Camp Service Workshop.  

Camp 2013 046Camp 2013 051
Camp 2013 049

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